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The Real Deal


Softcover A4, 42 pages, edition of 15


With a fascination for the fine line between the spectacle and physical reality of our material culture, Faking Things is an exploration of the un/real surrounding our everyday and the seemingly impossible contemporary “existential” search of the authentic.


Images of cast hands photographed from slightly different angles and positioned in front of a green background question the reality of product photography and the camera’s flaws as a tool to represent the real. The soft sculptural wall piece investigates the oppositions of the handmade and industrial production. It uses transferred images of objects, materials and

surfaces trying to remove any hierarchy. The Real Deal, a diary of images questioning this idea of the spectacle and world of replicas. The show investigates our unavoidable encounters with the “Fake’’, a constant imitation of trying to be something but being satisfied with the illusion.

Credits: Photography by Abel Shah

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