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Residency 11:11 is an artist-led residency initiated by Abel Shah in 2018, aiming to be shaped by the needs of its own residents and contributors. We accept proposals from all practitioners for whom it is relevant to spend time working in London. The programme aims to connect its guests to the city’s artistic landscape, encouraging practitioners to explore local discourses and collaborations.

We support site specific research by opening up the programme’s network of contacts to each resident, a self-elected group of contributors and participants known as Friends of 11:11.

By creating transnational connections, Residency 11:11 asks questions about the role of the artist and how this can differ across borders, histories and economies. In an uncertain time with lack of accessible space, the residency aims to open up dialogues between London-based artists and practitioners and those working further afield.

This residency is a space to discuss, reflect, research and gain feedback on your practice. Offering housing and desk space, but no ‘conventional’ artist studio facilities, we’re interested in proposals which consider the role of the artist and challenges how knowledge is generated and shared outside the "studio".  


Late 2019 we established an online residency. Our online residency focusses on providing space for art practitioners to develop an online project. We aim to provide support for work which engages with ideas around accessibility, the use of the online and the distribution of “knowledge” in a digital age. The online residency seeks to address and contextualise the why and the how of using the online as artists.

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Talking With Your Mouth Full

We organise and host performative casual dinners in our home, inviting guests who we think might be interested to connect and share ideas with each other, over the immediate intimacy of sharing a meal. These dinners inform our approach to art-making and vice versa. A direct reflection of our artistic ambitions to find alternative forms of collaboration and community, and our specific interest in artist-led organisations and resource-sharing structures, as well as the nourishment that can come from feeding people and being fed.


If you’d like to join us for dinner, please just get in touch and let us know a little about yourself and what you would bring to the table.


Menu from a dinner event in 2018


Erika held a film screening of other artists works and an invitational reading of Clarice Lispector's writing as part of her stay with us.


Youcef engaged in research exploring the visibility and under-representations of the North African and Arab diaspora working in the arts in London, shaping the discussion at his final event.


Byrthe delved into ideas around hosting and safe spaces and researched current feminist and queer organisations in London. For her final event Byrthe organised a private brunch she called The Sitting Table.


Diogo developed a new performative musical installation as part of his Wisdom Warriors series. This is a photo of Diogo trying out a different version of a previous performance during the dinner event that coincided with his stay with us.


Talking With Your Mouth Full - Dinner table stories


Cauliflower Surprise

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